Green Technology

Sustainability solutions are fundamental to our practice. We collaborate with our clients to creatively connect city life, work and play with nature. Our team consists of horticulturists, skilled installers and professional designers. Our expertise in Green Walls and Vertical Gardens ensures great results and minimal maintenance. Some of our most prestigious projects include the most advanced landscape technologies and urban greenery solutions.

Green Roof| Roof Garden Design & Installation

Versions of green roofs have been used around the world for centuries, particularly in Western Europe. Green roofs can make the most of unused space within the increasing density of our cities. Rooſtops can be developed into social and recreational spaces and used for urban agriculture. They reduce the energy required to cool or heat a building leading to significant cost savings. The installation cost of a green roof is higher than a traditional roof; however, the lifecycle cost is competitive, particularly when consideration is given to roof replacement cost, energy savings and less expensive building air-handling systems.

Latest Works